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As the title suggests, I had a ridiculous morning today.

I got ready, as usual. I said goodbye to my other half, as usual. Had my breakfast, packed up my bags and headed for the front door.

HORROR! The biggest, ugliest, meanest looking spider you have ever seen was next to my front door. Not just next to my front door but wedged in the gap between the wall and the door-opening-thingy. You know the one, you pull down the lever and the door opens – next to that thing. Only, it wasn’t wedged in a subtle way, it was half-in-half-out due to the sheer size of the bloody thing. It’s legs reached above the door-opening-thingy (must work out what that’s called – a latch? No, it’s the thing that the latch is on – anyway…) and it was sat there, looking at me, daring me to be brave enough to put my hand within 3 centimetres of it in order to get out.

Did I? Did I heck! I ran, silenced by fear to the bottom of the stairs (now about 8 foot from the door) and stood, panting. So, what to do now then? I have three bags and a set of keys. In order to get out, it needs to be one swift movement – in the porch, grab the latch thingy, open the door and jump out the door before the spider can kill me.

I spent about five minutes trying to figure out how that might work and then called my dad. I told him I was trapped in the house. He suggested I SPRAY the bloody spider so it moved. MOVED!! As if I’m going to do that. It’s bad enough I can see it, if it freakin’ moves, I’ll have a heart attack.

So, I grab a long umbrella and try reaching in to use the end of the umbrella to move the latch down. My plan was that I would unlatch the door and then use the curved handle of the umbrella to pull the door open, thus allowing me to grab my three bags and launch myself out of the door and into the safety of my front garden.

That didn’t work either.

I managed to pull the latch down a little but then it bounced back, made a loud bang and the spider moved! MOVED! So I screamed and ran into the kitchen. I then rang my other half (yes, I’m sure it says something about me that I call my dad before my other half but that’s a different story). He just laughed and said that I’d cheered him up and he hopes I get to work eventually. No help whatsoever.

I decide I’m brave enough to try Dad’s spraying trick. I get the only spraying contraption I have and walk towards the porch. I bravely spray. It doesn’t even reach the spider as I’m nowhere near close enough. I then realise that this particular spray has washing up liquid in it (for trying to de-bug my sweetpeas early in the month) and then I’m worried that I’m going to fall flat on my arse when trying to launch out the door as I’ve only served to make my floor slippy. So I stop that for health and safety reasons.

Twenty five minutes has passed by this time and I’m now late leaving for work. So, eventually, I muster the strength and bravery to reach to the latch and open the door with my hand all the time repeating my mantra out loud to the spider “please don’t move. please don’t move. please don’t move”. The little b*stard moved. But I managed to open the door! Yay me!

I also ran back into the house.

I waited a couple of minutes to ensure there was no more movement from Mr Spider, gathered my three bags and jumped out of the house. Only to notice that the man opposite, who had been busy filling his skip had stopped to watch my weird opening-the-door antics, and who was now looking at me like I was mental.

So, I smiled, said good morning and got in the car.

What a start to the day!



Hi there! Welcome back, I hope you’ve had a good Monday.

I was just sat here considering what I could write about today when I heard some squeaking….and then I realised just what I had to write about!

So, I’ve told you a little about me and I’ve mentioned my super-duper other half but you have to know about the other special little man in my life – Mr Pig! He’s a guinea pig and he’s GORGEOUS. Before we had him, I hadn’t even realised that guinea pigs could be such fab little creatures with so much character! He has really enriched our lives.

He lives in the house with us in his cage in the daytime and gets to run around when we’re home. As soon as we walk into the room, he darts out and wheeks loudly until he gets some food and gets let out. He then runs around, under the sofas, under the table and in and out of his house, popcorning constantly to let us know he’s happy.

What I find hilarious is how much my other half and I talk about him. We are often found telling people how funny he is and then showing them the hundreds of photos we have on our phones – the doting parents! We even ignore the fact that they think we’re mental – if you’ve ever had guinea pigs, you’ll know how lovely they are!



So, one thing I haven’t mentioned yet which is a pretty huge deal at the moment is that I’m planning a wedding! My other half proposed on our second anniversary and it was a complete surprise – believe me, it is so difficult to pull off a surprise for me as I’m well known for always spoiling them! He proposed in a beautifully thoughtful way and then took me shopping for the most beautiful engagement ring I’ve ever seen. I must have looked at it at least ten times a day since and just marvelled at how very lucky I am.

Now, I wanted to say a little bit about my other half. I wouldn’t be writing a blog if it wasn’t for him. He constantly encourages me to follow my dreams and encourages me to take steps which terrify me because he believes in me and what I could achieve if I just stopped panicking about what could go wrong.

It’s early days and far, far from being an interesting blog to visit – it’s more like a diary at the moment but each post is giving me more confidence and more inspiration to decide what this blog is going to be. My other half talks to me about my new blog daily, just like he talks to me about work, family, friends and whatever crazy thoughts I’m having that particular day. He takes time with me to understand me and to work through my crazy. I don’t know what I’d do without him sometimes. I still can’t believe that after 4 years of being together, I still get excited about coming home to see him and sitting at our kitchen table with a cup of tea (or glass of wine on tough days) and taking down the day together.

So, whatever this blog turns out to be, it’ll be down to him and his ideas, support and encouragement. He’s a budding photographer so I’m hoping that eventually I’ll be able to introduce some of his work to this blog and show people just what he’s capable of doing. Perhaps this blog could be about me and him and what our future holds.

Who knows.


There is only one thing I can write about today – dogs! Oh, I so wish I could have a dog. I’m desperate to adopt. I feel like I won’t have made it in life until I have a dog! I’m not yet married but hope for children once I am and I can’t even imagine what a family life it would be without a four legged friend!

Most nights, when I have time to sit in front of the tv with my iPad, I look at Animal Rescues online to see if there is a dog there that might be suitable. So far, I’ve found a reason against each dog I see because I knew in my heart of hearts that I probably wouldn’t end up being able to have it. I did fall in love with a cute little chap but the rescue centre was so strict and their red tape was just impossible so I stopped looking there.

But yesterday it all changed! Yesterday, I came across a beautiful 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier with the most beautiful face. The rescue centre was really encouraging and gave such a lovely description of her saying that she is kind and gentle, house trained and clean. Absolutely perfect to me.

My biggest problem? My betrothed. He’s not a dog person so he just doesn’t get it. I think he sees it in the same light as when I say I want a Mulberry handbag – yes I want one but I’m never going to think it is appropriate to spend £600 on a handbag. So he just smiles and says ‘yes, it’s very beautiful’ and then changes the subject, hoping that I’ll just see sense. It’s the same with a dog – what about the cost? What about the commitment? The change to our life? The restriction? Me – I think what about the enrichment? I would love that dog so much and give her such a lovely little life. Yes, she’d have to spend some time alone but in warmth, in comfort and in the knowledge that her human companion is going to come home soon and give her cuddles, walks and playtime.

I can’t explain why I want a dog. If you’ve grown up with dogs in your life, you will just know. Everytime I see a dog, whatever breed, I smile and as sad as it is to admit it, I always have a little voice in my head – their voice, and it’s normally a bit silly. What they would be saying now. They’re such funny little creatures with so much character and so much love and loyalty – who wouldn’t want one?


Hi there,

Welcome to my blog. I’ve thought lots about writing a blog but found the idea quite intimidating. I wondered if anyone would want to read anything I had to write about and if they did, would they be interested in what they read? Receiving criticism is not something I am skilled to handle and the fear of being imperfect has lead me to be overly cautious in everything I do. I never put myself ‘out there’ to be judged creatively, just in case someone says ‘I didn’t think you were like that’, or worse, ‘I think you could do better’.

I realised that this was holding me back, that it was stopping me doing something that I wanted to do, so, I have decided to post anonymously. I don’t intend to promote this blog at all and I certainly do not intend to tell anyone I know about it. I am just going to do what I enjoy – write. I’m not brilliant, nowhere near and I don’t know if I have anything interesting to say but if you would like to stick around to see what happens, you would be very welcome. I have no idea what is coming so we will find out together!

Much love


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