Four Legged Friends

Posted on: September 19, 2011

There is only one thing I can write about today – dogs! Oh, I so wish I could have a dog. I’m desperate to adopt. I feel like I won’t have made it in life until I have a dog! I’m not yet married but hope for children once I am and I can’t even imagine what a family life it would be without a four legged friend!

Most nights, when I have time to sit in front of the tv with my iPad, I look at Animal Rescues online to see if there is a dog there that might be suitable. So far, I’ve found a reason against each dog I see because I knew in my heart of hearts that I probably wouldn’t end up being able to have it. I did fall in love with a cute little chap but the rescue centre was so strict and their red tape was just impossible so I stopped looking there.

But yesterday it all changed! Yesterday, I came across a beautiful 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier with the most beautiful face. The rescue centre was really encouraging and gave such a lovely description of her saying that she is kind and gentle, house trained and clean. Absolutely perfect to me.

My biggest problem? My betrothed. He’s not a dog person so he just doesn’t get it. I think he sees it in the same light as when I say I want a Mulberry handbag – yes I want one but I’m never going to think it is appropriate to spend £600 on a handbag. So he just smiles and says ‘yes, it’s very beautiful’ and then changes the subject, hoping that I’ll just see sense. It’s the same with a dog – what about the cost? What about the commitment? The change to our life? The restriction? Me – I think what about the enrichment? I would love that dog so much and give her such a lovely little life. Yes, she’d have to spend some time alone but in warmth, in comfort and in the knowledge that her human companion is going to come home soon and give her cuddles, walks and playtime.

I can’t explain why I want a dog. If you’ve grown up with dogs in your life, you will just know. Everytime I see a dog, whatever breed, I smile and as sad as it is to admit it, I always have a little voice in my head – their voice, and it’s normally a bit silly. What they would be saying now. They’re such funny little creatures with so much character and so much love and loyalty – who wouldn’t want one?



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