Introducing Mr Pig…

Posted on: September 26, 2011

Hi there! Welcome back, I hope you’ve had a good Monday.

I was just sat here considering what I could write about today when I heard some squeaking….and then I realised just what I had to write about!

So, I’ve told you a little about me and I’ve mentioned my super-duper other half but you have to know about the other special little man in my life – Mr Pig! He’s a guinea pig and he’s GORGEOUS. Before we had him, I hadn’t even realised that guinea pigs could be such fab little creatures with so much character! He has really enriched our lives.

He lives in the house with us in his cage in the daytime and gets to run around when we’re home. As soon as we walk into the room, he darts out and wheeks loudly until he gets some food and gets let out. He then runs around, under the sofas, under the table and in and out of his house, popcorning constantly to let us know he’s happy.

What I find hilarious is how much my other half and I talk about him. We are often found telling people how funny he is and then showing them the hundreds of photos we have on our phones – the doting parents! We even ignore the fact that they think we’re mental – if you’ve ever had guinea pigs, you’ll know how lovely they are!




3 Responses to "Introducing Mr Pig…"

Oh that little piggy of yours he is so cute! I’ve got a 10month old puppy and I know just how you feel showing pictures around and being proud ‘parents’ We are just the same. She makes me so happy every time I’m around her and I could never imagine our lives without her in it.

Thank you, Sam! We’re so blessed to have such gorgeous little animals in our lives! I’d love to see a photo of your new puppy. I’m such a dog lover, it’s just that it’s not the right time for us to adopt a dog 😦 xx

LOVE Mr Pig! What a cutey. X

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