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This weekend we celebrated our 4th anniversary of getting together and our 2nd anniversary of getting engaged. I can’t believe how time has flown by and I can’t believe how truly lucky I am.

G and I knew each other when we were about 13 years old. He was part of a drama group that I joined and we had a friendship that lasted a few shows and one lovely summer. My little cousins used to live near to where G lived and I would babysit as a part time job during the day. It would be so much fun, sat out in the garden with all the young neighbours and playing games with the kids. I really wasn’t much older than the children I was looking after but I was obviously trusted to be sensible enough to sit with them!! G found out I’d be there most days and used to come and visit. I still remember my little cousin and I showing him a dance we had made up to ‘Just Can’t Wait to Be King’ from the Lion King. We were so cool.

So, what I didn’t realise back then was that G had a crush on me. I’ve never been very good at spotting other people’s feelings toward me. I’m more of a person who thinks that people are pretending to like me and that secretly they find me really annoying. Anyway, that’s a whole different story. Where was I?

Ok, so he tells me he had a crush on me and that he took me on a date. Cue confused face. A date? Really? When we were 13?? Yes, his Dad supposedly drove us to the local cinema to watch Legends of the Fall and it was a date. Ok, ok, I remember going to the cinema but not on a date! He obviously needed to work on his wooing skills!! The main thing I remember from that summer with G is sitting on a bus with him and him telling me I had the skinniest wrists he’d ever seen. Smooth.

So, fast forward 17 years and us being reunited through Facebook. I was just seeing the light of day out of a terrible break-up and was enjoying life living by myself in Leicester. A very persistent G, through Facebook, Instant Messenger, texts and calls led to me finally believe that maybe he was interested in me. He came to visit me and we went on a date. It was fabulous. I got horribly drunk and ate too much pizza. But we never stopped talking. Not once. We played the Question Game to try to catch up on the last 17 years. I learnt that he was well-travelled, sociable, ambitious and so very kind. He was cool, funny and clever. He was gorgeous.

4 years on and I still feel the same way about him. I am amazed that I know how much he loves me and I know it sounds daft but I’m still amazed that we’re so happy! Surely we should annoy each other by now?? Nope!! We don’t! In fact, I am excited every day to get home to see him. I can’t believe it.

I am so lucky. Thank you, G. Thank you for being you.


p.s I wanted to set out the lyrics to a song he sent to me when we first started seeing each other. We’ll be incorporating them into the wedding next year.

As I walk, up a street
I lift my head up and I face you.
You look good, and you smell sweet,
It makes it harder to embrace you.
And I was back in primary
in a playground I would chase you.
But I’m not, I’m just me,
I know you might be what I’m looking for.

But my head won’t function properly
and my feet don’t move in time
and next week I’ll forget probably,
but today, you blow my mind.

And as we talk, I go all red
And I’m feeling like a school kid
All these thoughts, that fill my head
I bet I’ll say something stupid.
Just play it cool, and keep it calm
And remember what your mother said
Now boy, just use your charm
But all that good advice gets lost somewhere

Cos my mouth just won’t work right today
all my head is full with lines
If only I could find the words to say
We could spend a lifetime.

The Rifles


Hi everyone!

Gosh, it’s been so busy recently. I have been working all hours!! Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and getting excited about November because there are two fantastic wedding planning dates set!

12th November sees me back in Lichfield to try on The Dress once more before I make the final decision and pay the deposit. I’m so excited as I’ve thought about The Dress endlessly, looked at others and always thought ‘nope, the one I have tried on is still THE ONE!’. Plus I’m taking one of my bridesmaids with me and mum so it’ll be so lovely to have a fresh pair of eyes with me!

November also sees me meeting the lovely ladies from Ava Event Styling to discuss ideas! Yellow cake pops, flowers and beautiful candelabras spring to mind but i am excited to hear all of their ideas. I’ve already received the most magnificent mood board from them so I’m very excited!!

In true busy-lady fashion, I’ve ‘penned’ this blog on my iPhone using my WordPress app! Hoping for some me-time over the weekend where I can sit with my laptop, browse all the blogs and write something with some time to consider what I’m writing 🙂

I’m sure I’ve missed some beautiful wedding ideas and I look forward to catching up properly.

Much love


Dear Blog,

I’ve missed you!

I have been away, busy working all hours. I thought of you the whole time. I thought about twitter too, I missed twitter. I have to run a twitter account as my part of my ‘professional’ life and I’ve had to concentrate on that for a while. I also help a charity out with their social media and with all of the time it was taking up, something had to give. And it was you.

I missed writing things down about life, about wedding planning and about stuff I love. I missed getting all the comments and replying to my new friends in the blogging world.

So I just wanted to say that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for neglecting you. I promise to do some more wedding planning and come back on here and tell you all about it. I promise to spend some more time reading tweets and enjoying other people’s fabulous blogs and I promise to try to blog more.

It is what makes me happy. Thank you for making me happy. I’ll be back soon! ♥

Much love


Firstly, thanks to everyone who stopped by to read my last post  about the fabulous DVB Show, I had a record-breaking day for my little blog and also ended up with a number of lovely new followers on twitter! So, it’s a big thank you to the guys at DVB Show for kindly posting a copy of my blog to Facebook.

But now, I *need* your help!

The wedding planning is going really well and I’m loving every minute of it so far. It’s calm, organised and simply exciting! I have idea after idea for wonderful things for the big day…


…I don’t have wonderful ideas of how to incorporate my betrothed’s personality into the day! Now, I could be a complete bridezilla and take over the day but it’s not really how I want to do things. He’s happy that I pick colours, flowers, dresses etc etc so it’s not really that kind of thing. I’d like to bring something quirky and cute in for him and that’s where YOU come in! Please, please let me have some ideas!

He loves music. He’s a proper Indie boy, all about guitar bands. He loves Charlatans and Elbow and Bluetones. He loves his Adidas trainers and wearing jeans and cool tshirts. He loves Apple and all of their products. He loves cheesecake. He loves photography.  I’m a geeky nerd and he’s cool.

At the moment, I can only think of something musical. Perhaps vinyl records as the table numbers or music quotes on the invitations??? Tables named after bands? Or their albums?

My theme at the moment is an edge of 50s glamour, elegance, pretty but simple. Do you have any ideas you could share?


Thank you 🙂


So I mentioned yesterday that I had been to the Designer Vintage Bridal Show in Birmingham.

Last year I went along and it was in Highbury Hall in Moseley – a beautiful venue but it seems that the DVB show has grown bigger and better and so needed a larger venue. Lucky me, it ended up being hosted at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground – just a mere hop, skip and a jump from my house! Not only that, I won tickets! Fate was my wedding planning friend.

It was fab to walk towards the Cricket Ground and to see beautiful camper vans, a vintage beetle and caravan outside, adorned with floral bunting. What a welcome sight! Inside, it was even more beautiful! Wall to wall vintage.

Mom and I immediately stopped at a lovely Travelling Traditional Sweet Shop – Emily’s Best – where we were both given a bag of sweets of our choice! I went for strawberry bonbons. I have no idea what Mother-Dear picked as I was too excited about scoffing down my tasty sweets :). We then travelled table to table marvelling at the gorgeous colours, collections of china and beautiful sparkly accessories.

We met lovely people too! It was such an honour to be able to meet bloggers in person. I have followed blogs avidly over the last year and it felt a little like I was meeting celebs so I was a tad shy but I’m glad I managed to say hi to some. I didn’t get to speak to Annabel of LoveMyDress but I did get to speak to Rock n Roll Bride (and Mr Rock n Roll Bride) and Kelly from The Boho Wedding Blog and felt ever so slightly stalkerish when saying ‘oh, yes, I know you – I follow you on twitter and read your blog all the time!’. Isn’t it weird?!!

The highlight for me as a wedding planning bride was meeting the ladies from Ava Event Styling. They were lovely. I chatted to them for a little while and told them of my concerns about having yellow as my main colour for my wedding. I told them of my back-up plan of green but they completely gushed over the yellow idea! I was so pleased! They felt that my plans for yellow would go really well with the boys in black suits and my 1950s style dress. Lucky me, one third of Ava Event Styling, The Boutique Baking Company, had decorated her stall all with yellow and she felt it was the perfect colour for Autumn! They are going to send me a link to a blog with a yellow wedding and also said I should definitely look at OMG I’m Getting Married to see yellow with black – I have done – BEAUTIFUL! I’m hopefully going to set up a meeting with the ladies to discuss plans further.

I fell in love with their silver candelabra adorned with glass baubles containing roses and I loved the version with pearls in their book. Inspiration! Inspiration! Inspiration!

AND….I was introduced to CAKE BOMBS!!

I’m a happy bride to be  ♥

Much love


From my iPhone - DVB Programme

From my iPhone - Ava Event Styling Candelabra

From my iPhone - DVB Goodies

Hello! Long time no see. I haven’t had a moment to get on here to write since my last post and i’ve really missed blogging!

I had thought about writing a post about the death of Steve Jobs at just 56 because he’s had quite an impact on our lives. Not just for his fabulous technology which G and I love so much but also for all he stood for and encouraged: whatever you do, make it great and always strive to be the best version of yourself. I decided not to say too much about it but I would encourage everyone to watch his Stanford speech. My favourite quote from the speech is “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Something to think about!

This weekend I have had some great family time with my in-laws-to-be. A few too many alcoholic beverages yesterday but lots of great banter, giggles and chats left me feeling loved and content with the world. What more could I ask for to finish off such a lovely weekend? Well, the Designer Vintage Bridal Show of course!!

I had entered a competition on twitter for tickets and won! The show was fabulous and I met some lovely people.

I was too shy to introduce myself as a blogging-bride and so I just attended as a bride, with my mom in tow. Mom doesn’t know about this blog yet, no-one apart from G does. I just need to keep this to myself for the time being (see My First Post if you’re wondering why). Actually, one other person does know about me and this blog and that’s because I’ve asked her to write about our wedding! I was so pleased to meet the lovely Emma Woodhouse aka The Wedding Reporter today and to congratulate her in person on her brave step into freelance writing! She was kind enough to keep my secret – thank you, Em.

So, I feel I’ve rambled too much so I’ll stop here. If you check back tomorrow, I will have hopefully written more about my experience today. I’ve been fully encouraged to try to achieve my dream of a bright, sunny, happy YELLOW wedding!!

Thank you for all of your lovely comments so far, you’ve all been so welcoming.

Much love


I went to a funeral today. It was for a lovely lady whom I called Nanny W although she wasn’t my Nanny. She was a lot of other people’s Nanny but not mine, although it didn’t stop me calling her it.

She has always been part of my life and I have fond memories of her. I saw her at all of the usual events – weddings, christenings and funerals but also always on the day that someone in the family bought a new house. We’d all turn up as a family to help move boxes, pack and unpack and Nanny W, without fail, would arrive with her rubber gloves and cleaning products and would just get started. I will always associate her with the house moving process and it will never be the same again!

My uncle, her son, was very brave today. He arranged the whole funeral and followed his mother’s wishes to the letter. She has been laid to rest with her daughter who was taken too soon after a battle with breast cancer. Now, reunited, Mother and Daughter will look down on all of us hopefully hand in hand. I can’t imagine the pain of losing your child, even when they are adult. It’s simply unnatural, it’s the wrong way around. Nanny W had a close and supportive family around her but I can imagine that her heart will never have healed after losing her daughter.

What struck me today is the strength of my family. They have suffered an enormous amount of grief over the years. I was saddened to see my cousins having to act as pallbearers again and realising how many times I have seen them do this and we are all still so young.

Grief is a terrible thing. Death is so final. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with sadness. I am sad for my Uncle and cousins who are so deeply affected by Nanny W’s death. I hope that they can see that she sleeps peacefully now and that in time, their hearts begin to heal.

I know they will never read this but they should know that I love them all dearly and if I could take their pain away, I would. I am blessed to have the family that I have.

I’m sorry that this is a sad post but I want this blog to reflect my life in a real way and this has been my world today. I’d like to dedicate today’s post to Nanny W. Sleep well. God Bless.

Much love


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