Wedding Inspiration Needed – Help!

Posted on: October 13, 2011

Firstly, thanks to everyone who stopped by to read my last post  about the fabulous DVB Show, I had a record-breaking day for my little blog and also ended up with a number of lovely new followers on twitter! So, it’s a big thank you to the guys at DVB Show for kindly posting a copy of my blog to Facebook.

But now, I *need* your help!

The wedding planning is going really well and I’m loving every minute of it so far. It’s calm, organised and simply exciting! I have idea after idea for wonderful things for the big day…


…I don’t have wonderful ideas of how to incorporate my betrothed’s personality into the day! Now, I could be a complete bridezilla and take over the day but it’s not really how I want to do things. He’s happy that I pick colours, flowers, dresses etc etc so it’s not really that kind of thing. I’d like to bring something quirky and cute in for him and that’s where YOU come in! Please, please let me have some ideas!

He loves music. He’s a proper Indie boy, all about guitar bands. He loves Charlatans and Elbow and Bluetones. He loves his Adidas trainers and wearing jeans and cool tshirts. He loves Apple and all of their products. He loves cheesecake. He loves photography.  I’m a geeky nerd and he’s cool.

At the moment, I can only think of something musical. Perhaps vinyl records as the table numbers or music quotes on the invitations??? Tables named after bands? Or their albums?

My theme at the moment is an edge of 50s glamour, elegance, pretty but simple. Do you have any ideas you could share?


Thank you 🙂



14 Responses to "Wedding Inspiration Needed – Help!"

First thoughts: (Have cheescake for dessert and let him make the song list for the whole thing. Walk down the aisle to a song he and you love.)

I don’t think you should bring in viny records for decor. Stick with your retro simple elegant theme cause it’s about you as a couple not just Him or just You. You know what I mean? Boys don’t like flowers or colour schemes and that’s it. What can you do? It’s a wedding, you gotta have the flowers and all that.

I think the fact that he coming out in a shiny tie black suit is totally Him in a dressed up version and then the cheescake and the kick ass music he loves should make him feel totally included.

But honestly as long as you are there marrying him that’s all he wants. Trust me. He won’t even notice the rest.



You have been so kind Samantha, thank you. I think you’re right, he’s excited about the suits and the music and has said he’s not worried otherwise and just says he trusts me to make it look lovely! I didn’t really think the vinyl could work but I was trying to find something to work. Album/band names or apple products for the table names seems to be a popular idea so far!

Thank you for being so lovely xx

It sounds like you have some great ideas and I think it’s really nice you are thinking of your husband to be too.

My husband was the same when I planned our wedding, happy to let me make the decisions but I wanted all the details to be about us not just girly and clearly picked by me!

My husband took over the music – he has good taste so I could trust him and we had one of his favourite songs as the last song of the evening. The guys all went to Vegas for the stag so we had casino chip chocolates and little shot glasses as favours for the boys. Could he pick favours for the guys? Or maybe song lyrics on cards for each guest on the table?

Is he picking the suits? My husband had his tailor made which was not much more than hiring and he gets to keep it. He loved the idea of having something made just for him and picking the details of the suit. He could pick a 50’s style suit and tie?

How about a 1950’s vespa for the groom to turn up on? haha – too far maybe.

Anyway I found this photographer and loved the 1950’s style wedding

Love Lemon x

Hey, thanks for your reply! My OH is going to Vegas as well!! Maybe we can steal your ideas 😉 He is choosing his suit and I think he’ll take *most* of the music! I just have to make sure there’s a few cheesy pop tunes in there too!!

Thanks so much for your comments and the link to that blog – what a beautiful shoot! X

No way! Of course you can steal the idea. If you want I can send a photo of the favours we used. Just let me know an email address. It sounds like he is pretty involved too which is nice.


Hey lady, I’ve just sent you a DM with my email address 🙂 x

Gosh, there are so many possibilities! If the music he likes is more mellow, maybe he can pick the music that is played during lunch/dinner or cocktail hour, if you are having one? Or he can pick a block of music to play at the reception, like 30 minutes or so of just HIS music. Maybe as a gift, a brand new pair of Adidas he can wear at the reception? Perhaps a cheesecake groom cake that is Apple themed (Offbeat Bride recently posted an iphone grooms cake that was amazing!) Or maybe your table names could be Mac products.

If you are having a rehearsal dinner, you could also skew the theme towards his interests, since the wedding day is generally about the bride’s interests. For example, my FH is a big baseball fan so we are having a baseball themed rehearsal dinner.

Hi Mindy, thanks so much for your ideas! That’s the second time I’ve heard about a groom’s cake today – I didn’t know about them!! It’s a great idea and he’d love them! The trainers are a great idea as well as the table names being apple products – how fantastic! I’ve got so much to think about!!

When’s your wedding?? X

Hey lady!!! Followed you here all the way from twitter…just had to share a few ideas. How about his gorgeous suit, top hat, awesomely cool tie that matches your bridesmaids in a quirky way and his Adidas, just white, cool and jezzed up (an alice in weddingland term). That would be awesome. And remember that your wedding is the story of you two, where you’ve been and where your going. Tell the story of the two of you through your wedding. Tradition is out…everything else is in.
Glad your here blogging

Hello there fellow geeky person! So lovely to see you comment on here 🙂 welcome!

Thank you for your advice, I’ll have to spend some more time on your blog to learn more about this being jezzed up!!


Hi I’m a friend of the lovely people at Emily’s Best and I would suggest your hubbie to be could talk to Ruth about creating a sweetie for your favours! Also you could use sheet music of guitar rifts to wrap them up…just a thought. I’m a jeweller so if you’re still looking for wedding rings look me up

Thank you Kate! Lovely to see you here and thanks for the ideas! Sheet music is a FAB idea! Told my OH and he was pretty excited! Thank you 🙂 I’ll take a look at the website too, thanks 🙂 xx

What a bunch of commets! This is awesome and I am so happy for you! It took me two years to get this many comments on one post!

Hey lovely lady! Thanks so much for this gorgeous comment – I am just so lucky that everyone is so helpful! Loads of really fab ideas coming in! Yay! xxx

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