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Agh. That’s all I’ll say. Agh.

Actually, I have a bit more to say about this….


I began this whole wedding planning process thinking that it was great that I wasn’t being too bridezilla about all of the details. I’m starting to think that being this indecisive is not something to be pleased with! I’m pretty sure it’s doing my bridesmaids’ heads in but they’re being dutiful and smiling through it. I must email them every couple of weeks with a new colour or dress idea and each time they politely say ‘I think that would be beautiful’.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I had wanted yellow but didn’t think it would work and had a back up colour of green – a bit Tiffany green but not quite. Well since then, I’ve changed my mind quite strongly and now do not want that particular green. Lovely people have encouraged me to try the yellow but as soon as I’ve shown any doubt, they have said that it is a difficult colour to manage and so have put me off it bit by bit.

I was recently given the inspiration of grey dresses with yellow flowers. At first I thought this was a lovely idea but now I’m not sure. It’s a bit too dark. Not summery enough in my mind and I think grey attracts a particular kind of yellow which is bold and strong and the yellow I want is lighter, softer and I guess a bit more of a pastel yellow. Will that work with grey? I guess it could work with a light grey but still, I’m not sure.

Then onto the dresses themselves – my bridesmaids are all different shapes and I think they would suit different dresses. I’m not against this completely but I think I’d prefer them to be the same, but only if they look and feel nice. Also, I don’t think I want them in proper ‘bridesmaid’ dresses but instead in dresses they can wear again so summery, evening dresses perhaps. All the dresses I find on the usual high street websites are ridiculously short. I can’t really afford to go down the beautiful Two Birds route because I have four bridesmaids and so can’t spend that much. I need to keep them under £100 each really. Plus it’s the wrong time of year for searching for a summery dress but I start to panic thinking that I have to leave it until next summer and I’d rather be a bit clearer on details in my mind now!

I’ve seen a few blogs showing bridesmaids dresses which are floral with different colours. That could be an idea. Or maybe white/ivory with yellow detail? I’m not confident enough to go for black dresses as it’s an August wedding and I see it more summery than that. I also don’t want pink although I do like that antique purple colour but that’s been done A LOT.

This is going to take some time to figure out. My inner bridezilla is coming out….

Rainbow dresses perhaps?





With all of this wedding and honeymoon planning, I knew I was to expect to feel excited, happy, positive, hopeful and every other wonderful feeling that comes with planning such an important day. What I didn’t expect was that it also comes with a fair amount of anxiety and stress! It’s not to say that the bad outweighs the good, oh no! It’s just that you have to learn that the bad stuff will come along and you have to see past it and embrace the loveliness again.

From day one, people have opinions about your wedding. You would expect the largest opinions to come from the mothers of the bride and groom and that is the case, but everyone else has an opinion too! Now, not that I mind (oh, you do mind, I hear you say, otherwise it wouldn’t have made its way onto your blog!), but just the other day, someone heard just a bit of a conversation I was having about the wedding. I was discussing bridesmaid dresses and the difficulty with picking yellow when someone who knew one of my bridesmaids piped up with ‘oh she won’t appreciate being made to wear that colour!’. Now, personally, I’m not offended by that – not least because I’ve been given fabulous inspiration to change the colour of the dresses and just have the yellow in the flowers and decorations – but it was more that I wondered why that person hadn’t thought about what they were saying before they said it. What if I had chosen yellow? Set my heart on it? Found the dresses? What then? Well then you’ve just poo-pooed my wedding plans!

Another person told me I couldn’t have yellow roses as it meant I ‘love another’. This was immediately after I’d said that the only detail I had decided on was to have yellow roses. My decision was made! As if I love another when I’m marrying THE ONE that very day. That very same day that I’m holding the yellow roses!

There are opinions on the guest list – I bet this is one of the biggest issues for most couples! Are you inviting this person and that person and your old aunty who you haven’t seen for 20 years? What’s worse is when you speak to someone who tells you about their outfit for your wedding when you haven’t even invited them yet! At the moment, we haven’t told anyone who is invited and who isn’t! We know it’s going to be controversial so we’re waiting as long as possible to break the news!

What I’ve learnt? You can’t do right for doing wrong.

What I’ve also learnt? Talk to each other. Take a breath when you hear what people say, then turn to the person you’re going to marry and say ‘this was said to me today’ and hear what he/she has to say. Today, G said to me ‘babe, it’s you and me against the world. It’s our wedding and we are doing the right thing because we decided to do it’.

That’s all I need to keep thinking. It’s me and him against the world. And we’re strong enough to handle everyone’s opinions!


Yesterday I posted about my surprise honeymoon. If you read that post, you will know that G and his Dad went to the Travel Agents yesterday to book our honeymoon. G had wanted to keep as much of it as a surprise for me as possible and had enlisted his Dad to help.

Bless him, he was so excited when he got home! He had already called me to tell me that it was going to be “in and around Thailand” and had told me that there would be six flights in the sixteen days we are away! Very mysterious! He also told me that he could tell me no more about it.

When he got home, he then showed me a map of Thailand and said he would just tell me the exact places we were going….

wait for it…

Bangkok then Koh Pangan and then Koh Samui!!!!

I could not, and still can not, believe it! He showed me on a map and the two islands are tiny!! I’m so excited!!

This was more than enough for me! I was giddy just thinking about it!! He left me alone for about five minutes looking at the brochure and seeing all the different hotels that we might be staying in and then decided I’d be more excited if I knew which hotels we are staying at (I think my excitement goes without saying but telling me was obviously adding to his excitement!) and so he told me!

He tells me that I’m not to know what type of room we are staying in or which excursions we’ll be going on but at the moment I’m doubting his ability to keep this a secret until next September!!

I really can’t believe how lucky I am. Seriously, I’m having to pinch myself. I cannot believe this wedding process from start to finish. I will not take any of this for granted and will try to remember every precious moment of this part of my life from being proposed to, to coming home from honeymoon and embarking on married life. I’m sure I’m actually dreaming….

Love you G.



G is with his Dad today and they have both gone to a Travel Agent to discuss our honeymoon. I wasn’t invited as they would like to keep it as a surprise! They’re both avid travellers and will no doubt come up with more fantastic ideas for our honeymoon than I ever would so I’m happy(ish) that they should go ahead. However, the only condition I lay down was that I wanted to know which country we were going to! I’d like to know the part of the world so I can plan for the weather and also so that I can look forward to going there! I think surprises can sometimes take the fun out of the build up so I’ve tried to get them to agree to tell me a bit about the plans!

When they first told me it was going to be a surprise, I had a bit of a freak out. No fair! How can I be excited if I don’t know? *wail* Then I had a word with my bridezilla-self and realised that this is as much for them as it is for me. They’re such cuties when it comes to surprises, both of them. It doesn’t matter how much me and my mother-in-law-to-be let them know that we freak out at surprises, they still love surprising us! Funny hey – turns out I’m quite like my MIL – it’s a good job she’s one of the good ones! 😉

So, I’m letting him decide where we’re going, what we’ll be doing and where we’ll be staying! I am to be told which country and nothing else! This is like one of those Don’t Tell The Bride programmes…..but I am strangely calm about it. He’s a good egg and I just know it’ll be wonderful. I’ll be newly married and with my husband; so add some sunshine, a hotel and some cocktails and I’ll be a happy wife!

Oooh who is this calm bride-to-be? She doesn’t sound much like me…. heehee


I’ve taken a day off! I didn’t plan it, I just decided last night that I didn’t think I’d go into work today. I called my boss and said that as my diary was clear and G was off work, I’d like to take a day’s annual leave and would that be ok? Turns out it was ok and now it’s nearly 9am and I’m sat on my bed in my pjs writing a blog! Huzzah!

I was getting a bit bogged down with work stresses and other-commitment stresses and was feeling very overwhelmed with how much I have said I would do, leaving very little time to myself. I have left myself no time to arrange a weekly shop, do a bit of cleaning, have a bit of me time and that was getting me down. You know that feeling when you feel you aren’t giving 100% to anything as you’re too stretched? That.

In a bid to shake my life up a bit, I’ve been looking at all aspects of my life and am doing a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ to change things. I was part of a fabulous committee which does great work but that takes up a lot of time. It is very well established now and my absence won’t hinder its work and so I told them I was stepping down.

I’m trying to learn how to say “no, I can’t do that right now but I could do it on X day for you if that’s suitable?”. And if it’s not suitable, learning to say “I’m sorry, I can’t help then”. This is very new to me but so far it seems to be working. The guilt is still there but I’m working on it.

Today I’m going to spend the day with G, have a nice lunch with him and also have a tidy round. Sort some paperwork of my own, deal with my banking, update the wedding spreadsheet and just get on top of things. My day will finish wonderfully with a meeting with a florist, baker and event stylist for the wedding. More about that later.

Hurray for day’s off!



I have already mentioned that I had found The Dress but yesterday I went back to the store to try it on again to make my final decision. The deposit has now been paid! I’m so excited!

The first shop I visited was a gorgeous shop with gorgeous dresses. I was excited and nervous. Got there, had a quick chat about my wedding plans and then started trying on. Whether it was me or the shop, I don’t know but, I came away feeling a little underwhelmed. I thought most of the dresses were absolutely stunning and I felt I looked pretty but I didn’t feel anything when I put them on. At that stage I thought that perhaps picking the dress was just going to feel fairly detached. A sort of ‘well that’s the nicest, I’ll have that one’. I was disappointed with that.

So, I took some time to research other shops and got a recommendation for a Designer Bridal Store in Lichfield. I didn’t actually realise it was designer until I got there, found The Dress and then realised how much it was but hey, what are ya gonna do??

I went along with my mom and mother in law. We were greeted kindly, offered drinks and a sit-down. We had a lovely chat about the wedding, when it was, what me and my fiancé were like, did I have any thoughts and then we started looking at the dresses. The ladies would talk to me about each and every dress, trying different things to show me how it would look with a different ribbon or a different neckline/skirt  length/veil. Oh, they were so beautiful!! I started trying on every different style I could see and kept an open mind but the whole time I kept looking back at one particular dress and wondering what it would look like on.

One dress was gorgeous – Pronovias’ Alma – it was stunning. I felt like I was out of an Estee Lauder advert but it wasn’t the look I was going for. It was too slinky….to ‘evening’ for me. So, I kept it at the top of the list for now and kept on trying the dresses on. Some were too ‘princessy’, others just not right. Then…. I tried on The Dress!!

I put it on and felt like a million dollars before I’d even stepped out of the dressing room and looked in the mirror. When I saw the dress on, I felt so emotional! Then I looked up and saw my mom and mother in law’s faces and I knew that they knew it was The One too! The ladies at the shop commented on how relaxed I looked in it. It was like the dress was meant for me! I have never cried over clothing before but I felt so emotional.

I decided to be sensible and wait a while. The first try-on was August and I went back to the shop yesterday. I knew the designer was bringing out more dresses so I thought I’d try them on and see what I thought. There was one thing wrong with The Dress because it was a little too big on me on the top. It was hard to visualise how it was supposed to look and that was my only reservation.

I tried on about another 10 dresses. I took one of my bridesmaids and my mom back to the shop with me. We all discussed the Pronovias dress and whilst we all agreed it was stunning, it wasn’t ‘bridal’ enough for me. So, another dress did scoot up the list to place number 2 but, whilst I adored it, I didn’t have the same feeling in it as I had with The Dress. So, the last dress I tried back on was The Dress. It felt perfect. The lady kindly made some quick alterations to show me how the top would look and I fell in love with it all over again.

It’s beautiful. I feel beautiful in it. The veil is gorgeous, it’s going to look lovely in the church and then taking the veil off and having just a headpiece on will look lovely for the reception. I just can’t wait to wear it!! I can’t wait for G to see me in it!

I feel so lucky to have found the dress. It’s very 1950s, very ‘Audrey’ and it means that the whole wedding has fallen into place. I now know exactly what the day will look like.

I had such a lovely time at the shop and the ladies were simply wonderful. So friendly, so interested and so lovely! It was all tears and hugs by the time I left and I am looking forward to seeing them again in February when I go back to be measured. I would recommend them to anyone. In a bid to keep this process anonymous, I’m not going to say where yet but send me a message if you’re local and looking for a recommendation.

So, Dress, we will meet again in February when I am hopefully a little thinner. I can’t wait to put you back on again. In the meantime, it’s time to find some shoes and time to stop eating puddings!!!

This wedding planning is so much fun!


In a lovely back to front way, I posted the story of us meeting on the anniversary of our engagement. Now, to continue my topsy turvy planning, I’m going to post the story of our engagement on the anniversary of us meeting! As the two anniversaries happen within a week of each other, they generally mush into one anyway and lead to confusion – we celebrated two years of being engaged a day early! We’re obviously not too good on dates. So, I think I’m right in saying that we got engaged on 30th August 2009 and we got together on 3rd November 2007. If I’m wrong? Well, who cares, ay?

We had planned a low-key anniversary celebration the weekend before our anniversary which fell on a silly weekday and as such was inconveniently placed for celebrations! So, as we were saving, *as always*, we said no presents and not much to spend. So we duly obtained a half price voucher for Zizzi Restaurant and planned to have a pizza and a bottle of wine together to celebrate.

I felt devilishly naughty flouncing the rules and I decided that with my card, I would give G a little present. I’d bought buy two get one free halloween chocolates for my niece and nephew and I generously gave G the free one. He’s a lucky guy.

That morning, we got ready for work together, said we’d save our cards for the evening and off to work we both went. I waved him off at the gate, got in my car and drove to work.

Little did I know that G had donned his work tshirt to leave the flat but then returned. He’d booked the day off work in order to clean the flat and set up his surprise.

I’m known for being impossible to surprise; I either work it out or I spoil it. I *almost* spoiled this surprise too. I got back to the carpark and realised I couldn’t find my keys. So I called G and said I would have to drive to his work to collect the keys from him. He stayed very calm and said he was in the flat. ‘huh? what do you mean? why aren’t you at work??’. A quick thinking G says ‘oh, I left an hour early to surprise you, I wanted to tidy up before you got home’. ‘Oh! Well let me in then!’.

He came down to let me in and I asked why he was dressed so smartly? ‘Oh, I dressed up and shaved to look nice for dinner tonight’. He’s a cool customer.

Got into the flat, ‘why is the bedroom door closed?’. Then I had my mini-mind-freak-out that I’m sure we’ve all had. In my head I was saying ‘oh my god, is he going to propose? No, of course he’s not! Give the poor guy a break, he’s trying to surprise you with a present, stop thinking he’s always going to propose!’.

I opened the door to this….

Photo from my iPhone


I had three colours of fresh roses, actually snipped at the bottom and arranged in a vase (!!), two new dishes holding 6 new candles, all lit and looking beautiful and gorgeous fairy lights which I hadn’t spotted from outside! Of course, there was also an enormous box!!

I sat on the bed and opened the box. Inside the box? More boxes….

Taken by my iPhone - excuse my funny looking knees

More ‘oh god, is this a proposal??’ yelling in my head, to myself of course. Box one? A nice pair of leather gloves. Box two an anniversary card with two penguins walking on the beach together and inside a message from G saying ‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t NOT get you a present’.

The last box? Well, more and more boxes ending with a ring box. At this point, I noticed he’d moved around to the side of the bed and got on one knee. *serious panic* ‘oh my god, it IS a proposal, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god’.

The ring box didn’t contain a ring, it contained a note….

Taken on my iPhone

Now, of course I said yes….although what I think I said first was ‘are you sure??? I’m really very annoying!!’.

I’ll finish the story another time. I need to rush off to work now!

Happy Anniversary, G xx


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