Daddy or Chips?

Posted on: November 1, 2011

It’s my Dad’s 50th Birthday this Saturday! I’ve always remembered the 5th of November for him, not for Bonfire Night. I’m excited about celebrating with him and presenting him with his birthday cake in the shape of a pint of Guinness!

I love my Dad, he’s my world. I’m a proper Daddy’s girl. I know he loves me so much and I know he’s always proud of me because he always tells me. He’s been through a lot over the years and quite a lot over this last 12 months after being made redundant. How it must feel to lose job security before your only daughter’s wedding, I don’t know. He must feel worried about it, despite the fact we have made it very clear that we do not expect any contribution whatsoever.

I am so excited about him seeing me in my wedding dress on the day, although I fully expect him to say, ‘you could wear a bin bag and still be beautiful’, as he always does!

And I can’t wait for that moment in the car with just him where we can spend a little time together before he gives me away.It’s going to be so special and I just hope that I can stay calm enough in the moment to appreciate it and to enjoy it and make the effort to try to keep the image alive in my mind so I remember it forever. I also hope that I don’t just blub! As soon as I cry, my nose turns bright red and stays that way for the whole day – that’ll be nice for the photos!

My mom keeps telling me how nervous he is about the speech and I hope the nerves don’t get too much on the day. He is wonderful and I know he has it in him to say lovely things and to let G know that he’s welcome in our family. He certainly made G feel that way when he asked for permission to propose!

So, Dad, although you won’t read this, I dedicate this blog post to you. Thank you for being the most wonderfully supportive Dad, I love you and I am so glad that I will have you by my side on my wedding day.

Happy Birthday.



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