The Proposal

Posted on: November 3, 2011

In a lovely back to front way, I posted the story of us meeting on the anniversary of our engagement. Now, to continue my topsy turvy planning, I’m going to post the story of our engagement on the anniversary of us meeting! As the two anniversaries happen within a week of each other, they generally mush into one anyway and lead to confusion – we celebrated two years of being engaged a day early! We’re obviously not too good on dates. So, I think I’m right in saying that we got engaged on 30th August 2009 and we got together on 3rd November 2007. If I’m wrong? Well, who cares, ay?

We had planned a low-key anniversary celebration the weekend before our anniversary which fell on a silly weekday and as such was inconveniently placed for celebrations! So, as we were saving, *as always*, we said no presents and not much to spend. So we duly obtained a half price voucher for Zizzi Restaurant and planned to have a pizza and a bottle of wine together to celebrate.

I felt devilishly naughty flouncing the rules and I decided that with my card, I would give G a little present. I’d bought buy two get one free halloween chocolates for my niece and nephew and I generously gave G the free one. He’s a lucky guy.

That morning, we got ready for work together, said we’d save our cards for the evening and off to work we both went. I waved him off at the gate, got in my car and drove to work.

Little did I know that G had donned his work tshirt to leave the flat but then returned. He’d booked the day off work in order to clean the flat and set up his surprise.

I’m known for being impossible to surprise; I either work it out or I spoil it. I *almost* spoiled this surprise too. I got back to the carpark and realised I couldn’t find my keys. So I called G and said I would have to drive to his work to collect the keys from him. He stayed very calm and said he was in the flat. ‘huh? what do you mean? why aren’t you at work??’. A quick thinking G says ‘oh, I left an hour early to surprise you, I wanted to tidy up before you got home’. ‘Oh! Well let me in then!’.

He came down to let me in and I asked why he was dressed so smartly? ‘Oh, I dressed up and shaved to look nice for dinner tonight’. He’s a cool customer.

Got into the flat, ‘why is the bedroom door closed?’. Then I had my mini-mind-freak-out that I’m sure we’ve all had. In my head I was saying ‘oh my god, is he going to propose? No, of course he’s not! Give the poor guy a break, he’s trying to surprise you with a present, stop thinking he’s always going to propose!’.

I opened the door to this….

Photo from my iPhone


I had three colours of fresh roses, actually snipped at the bottom and arranged in a vase (!!), two new dishes holding 6 new candles, all lit and looking beautiful and gorgeous fairy lights which I hadn’t spotted from outside! Of course, there was also an enormous box!!

I sat on the bed and opened the box. Inside the box? More boxes….

Taken by my iPhone - excuse my funny looking knees

More ‘oh god, is this a proposal??’ yelling in my head, to myself of course. Box one? A nice pair of leather gloves. Box two an anniversary card with two penguins walking on the beach together and inside a message from G saying ‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t NOT get you a present’.

The last box? Well, more and more boxes ending with a ring box. At this point, I noticed he’d moved around to the side of the bed and got on one knee. *serious panic* ‘oh my god, it IS a proposal, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god’.

The ring box didn’t contain a ring, it contained a note….

Taken on my iPhone

Now, of course I said yes….although what I think I said first was ‘are you sure??? I’m really very annoying!!’.

I’ll finish the story another time. I need to rush off to work now!

Happy Anniversary, G xx



4 Responses to "The Proposal"

ohhhh you are such a tease!!! AHHHH I want to know the end of the story!!!!

Haha you’ll have to wait! 😉 xxx

Awww such an adorable story. I love it. I accidentally said no when my OH suggested marriage… Oops. It turned out ok though, he accepted my swift retraction

Haha you said no?! That’s brilliant! How did you manage to say no?? x

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