The Dress

Posted on: November 13, 2011

I have already mentioned that I had found The Dress but yesterday I went back to the store to try it on again to make my final decision. The deposit has now been paid! I’m so excited!

The first shop I visited was a gorgeous shop with gorgeous dresses. I was excited and nervous. Got there, had a quick chat about my wedding plans and then started trying on. Whether it was me or the shop, I don’t know but, I came away feeling a little underwhelmed. I thought most of the dresses were absolutely stunning and I felt I looked pretty but I didn’t feel anything when I put them on. At that stage I thought that perhaps picking the dress was just going to feel fairly detached. A sort of ‘well that’s the nicest, I’ll have that one’. I was disappointed with that.

So, I took some time to research other shops and got a recommendation for a Designer Bridal Store in Lichfield. I didn’t actually realise it was designer until I got there, found The Dress and then realised how much it was but hey, what are ya gonna do??

I went along with my mom and mother in law. We were greeted kindly, offered drinks and a sit-down. We had a lovely chat about the wedding, when it was, what me and my fiancé were like, did I have any thoughts and then we started looking at the dresses. The ladies would talk to me about each and every dress, trying different things to show me how it would look with a different ribbon or a different neckline/skirt  length/veil. Oh, they were so beautiful!! I started trying on every different style I could see and kept an open mind but the whole time I kept looking back at one particular dress and wondering what it would look like on.

One dress was gorgeous – Pronovias’ Alma – it was stunning. I felt like I was out of an Estee Lauder advert but it wasn’t the look I was going for. It was too slinky….to ‘evening’ for me. So, I kept it at the top of the list for now and kept on trying the dresses on. Some were too ‘princessy’, others just not right. Then…. I tried on The Dress!!

I put it on and felt like a million dollars before I’d even stepped out of the dressing room and looked in the mirror. When I saw the dress on, I felt so emotional! Then I looked up and saw my mom and mother in law’s faces and I knew that they knew it was The One too! The ladies at the shop commented on how relaxed I looked in it. It was like the dress was meant for me! I have never cried over clothing before but I felt so emotional.

I decided to be sensible and wait a while. The first try-on was August and I went back to the shop yesterday. I knew the designer was bringing out more dresses so I thought I’d try them on and see what I thought. There was one thing wrong with The Dress because it was a little too big on me on the top. It was hard to visualise how it was supposed to look and that was my only reservation.

I tried on about another 10 dresses. I took one of my bridesmaids and my mom back to the shop with me. We all discussed the Pronovias dress and whilst we all agreed it was stunning, it wasn’t ‘bridal’ enough for me. So, another dress did scoot up the list to place number 2 but, whilst I adored it, I didn’t have the same feeling in it as I had with The Dress. So, the last dress I tried back on was The Dress. It felt perfect. The lady kindly made some quick alterations to show me how the top would look and I fell in love with it all over again.

It’s beautiful. I feel beautiful in it. The veil is gorgeous, it’s going to look lovely in the church and then taking the veil off and having just a headpiece on will look lovely for the reception. I just can’t wait to wear it!! I can’t wait for G to see me in it!

I feel so lucky to have found the dress. It’s very 1950s, very ‘Audrey’ and it means that the whole wedding has fallen into place. I now know exactly what the day will look like.

I had such a lovely time at the shop and the ladies were simply wonderful. So friendly, so interested and so lovely! It was all tears and hugs by the time I left and I am looking forward to seeing them again in February when I go back to be measured. I would recommend them to anyone. In a bid to keep this process anonymous, I’m not going to say where yet but send me a message if you’re local and looking for a recommendation.

So, Dress, we will meet again in February when I am hopefully a little thinner. I can’t wait to put you back on again. In the meantime, it’s time to find some shoes and time to stop eating puddings!!!

This wedding planning is so much fun!



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Awesome sweetie! I am so happy for you! I would like more details but I understand! I guess! 😉


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