A Day Off

Posted on: November 15, 2011

I’ve taken a day off! I didn’t plan it, I just decided last night that I didn’t think I’d go into work today. I called my boss and said that as my diary was clear and G was off work, I’d like to take a day’s annual leave and would that be ok? Turns out it was ok and now it’s nearly 9am and I’m sat on my bed in my pjs writing a blog! Huzzah!

I was getting a bit bogged down with work stresses and other-commitment stresses and was feeling very overwhelmed with how much I have said I would do, leaving very little time to myself. I have left myself no time to arrange a weekly shop, do a bit of cleaning, have a bit of me time and that was getting me down. You know that feeling when you feel you aren’t giving 100% to anything as you’re too stretched? That.

In a bid to shake my life up a bit, I’ve been looking at all aspects of my life and am doing a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ to change things. I was part of a fabulous committee which does great work but that takes up a lot of time. It is very well established now and my absence won’t hinder its work and so I told them I was stepping down.

I’m trying to learn how to say “no, I can’t do that right now but I could do it on X day for you if that’s suitable?”. And if it’s not suitable, learning to say “I’m sorry, I can’t help then”. This is very new to me but so far it seems to be working. The guilt is still there but I’m working on it.

Today I’m going to spend the day with G, have a nice lunch with him and also have a tidy round. Sort some paperwork of my own, deal with my banking, update the wedding spreadsheet and just get on top of things. My day will finish wonderfully with a meeting with a florist, baker and event stylist for the wedding. More about that later.

Hurray for day’s off!




4 Responses to "A Day Off"

well done you

I had a day off yesterday and totally rearranged our studio have come in today and got loads done

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I think sometimes a good tidy and a bit of rearranging renews everything somehow and you feel ready to start all over again! Good for you! X

Good for you honey! You have to do that sometimes and it makes you a better worker, fiance in the end!
Hope you are having a great day!

I’ve had a lovely day! I feel much more positive and on top of things! It’s been great to spend time with G too. Happy days! Hope you’re well xx

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