Honeymoon Update

Posted on: November 20, 2011

Yesterday I posted about my surprise honeymoon. If you read that post, you will know that G and his Dad went to the Travel Agents yesterday to book our honeymoon. G had wanted to keep as much of it as a surprise for me as possible and had enlisted his Dad to help.

Bless him, he was so excited when he got home! He had already called me to tell me that it was going to be “in and around Thailand” and had told me that there would be six flights in the sixteen days we are away! Very mysterious! He also told me that he could tell me no more about it.

When he got home, he then showed me a map of Thailand and said he would just tell me the exact places we were going….

wait for it…

Bangkok then Koh Pangan and then Koh Samui!!!!

I could not, and still can not, believe it! He showed me on a map and the two islands are tiny!! I’m so excited!!

This was more than enough for me! I was giddy just thinking about it!! He left me alone for about five minutes looking at the brochure and seeing all the different hotels that we might be staying in and then decided I’d be more excited if I knew which hotels we are staying at (I think my excitement goes without saying but telling me was obviously adding to his excitement!) and so he told me!

He tells me that I’m not to know what type of room we are staying in or which excursions we’ll be going on but at the moment I’m doubting his ability to keep this a secret until next September!!

I really can’t believe how lucky I am. Seriously, I’m having to pinch myself. I cannot believe this wedding process from start to finish. I will not take any of this for granted and will try to remember every precious moment of this part of my life from being proposed to, to coming home from honeymoon and embarking on married life. I’m sure I’m actually dreaming….

Love you G.




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