Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted on: November 26, 2011

Agh. That’s all I’ll say. Agh.

Actually, I have a bit more to say about this….


I began this whole wedding planning process thinking that it was great that I wasn’t being too bridezilla about all of the details. I’m starting to think that being this indecisive is not something to be pleased with! I’m pretty sure it’s doing my bridesmaids’ heads in but they’re being dutiful and smiling through it. I must email them every couple of weeks with a new colour or dress idea and each time they politely say ‘I think that would be beautiful’.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I had wanted yellow but didn’t think it would work and had a back up colour of green – a bit Tiffany green but not quite. Well since then, I’ve changed my mind quite strongly and now do not want that particular green. Lovely people have encouraged me to try the yellow but as soon as I’ve shown any doubt, they have said that it is a difficult colour to manage and so have put me off it bit by bit.

I was recently given the inspiration of grey dresses with yellow flowers. At first I thought this was a lovely idea but now I’m not sure. It’s a bit too dark. Not summery enough in my mind and I think grey attracts a particular kind of yellow which is bold and strong and the yellow I want is lighter, softer and I guess a bit more of a pastel yellow. Will that work with grey? I guess it could work with a light grey but still, I’m not sure.

Then onto the dresses themselves – my bridesmaids are all different shapes and I think they would suit different dresses. I’m not against this completely but I think I’d prefer them to be the same, but only if they look and feel nice. Also, I don’t think I want them in proper ‘bridesmaid’ dresses but instead in dresses they can wear again so summery, evening dresses perhaps. All the dresses I find on the usual high street websites are ridiculously short. I can’t really afford to go down the beautiful Two Birds route because I have four bridesmaids and so can’t spend that much. I need to keep them under £100 each really. Plus it’s the wrong time of year for searching for a summery dress but I start to panic thinking that I have to leave it until next summer and I’d rather be a bit clearer on details in my mind now!

I’ve seen a few blogs showing bridesmaids dresses which are floral with different colours. That could be an idea. Or maybe white/ivory with yellow detail? I’m not confident enough to go for black dresses as it’s an August wedding and I see it more summery than that. I also don’t want pink although I do like that antique purple colour but that’s been done A LOT.

This is going to take some time to figure out. My inner bridezilla is coming out….

Rainbow dresses perhaps?





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