Post Christmas, Pre New Year Ramblings

Posted on: December 27, 2011

As I sit here knowing that tomorrow I have to go back to work and face a reality outside of my pyjamas, I realise I haven’t blogged since mid-December. Christmas came and went in a whirlwind, didn’t it? My mind has been far from wedding planning and blogs and has been fully consumed by planning for Christmas! We had an early Christmas celebration with G’s parents who decided to go away until after New Year and are no doubt enjoying beautiful sunshine in Kenya right now! Then followed the usual busy period at work leading up to breaking up and the start of what was our first Christmas together, just me and him (and Mr Pig).

We had a chilled Christmas Eve, finishing wrapping the presents and watching some Christmas telly. He woke me at 6.15am on Christmas morning!!! We opened lovely presents together and got ready to go to my parents’ house, visiting his sister en route. We exchanged gorgeous gifts and ate too much food and spent a lovely, relaxed time together! Only problem was, G had man-flu. Bless him, it has been horrible and it’s still going!! Thankfully (touch wood) he hasn’t passed it to me, yet. Who knows, he had it over Christmas, it may be waiting to pounce on me for New Year’s Eve! It did mean that we had to cancel visits. We were meant to visit family but it involved a pregnant cousin, a newborn and two grannies so we thought it best that we didn’t spread germs to the vulnerable! At first, we were hugely disappointed not to see family but to be honest, we have loved being forced to chill out.

So now it’s time to consider 2012 and think about the things we want to work on:

1. wedding planning – wedding day: August 31st!
2. continue to work on G to let me have  a dog
3. really try to make some career decisions
4. think about decorating
5. learn how to do some very basic gardening
6. learn how to do some very basic cooking
7. try to be healthy, lose a bit of weight and to get to a happy place by the wedding day
8. enjoy our last months as an engaged couple
9. blog more
10. discuss each other’s hopes and aspirations and help each other reach them

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, mainly because they don’t always stick. I’d rather think ahead and try to visualise where I’d like to be at the end of the year. What about you?

We’ll have a quiet New Year’s Eve as G works both the Eve and the Day but the way I see it, as long as I’m seeing the year in with the man I want to see the year out with, I’m happy.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas



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