Return of the Bridesmaid Dress Stress

Posted on: January 2, 2012

So, as you know from a previous post, I am being incredibly indecisive when it comes to colours for our wedding. I started on yellow, left yellow for a pale green and then returned to yellow. I haven’t yet found anything yellow (dresses/flowers/accessories) which makes me say ‘oooooh’ and so, as much as I love the colour, I just don’t think it will work.

So, with it all being a bit of a stress and knowing I’m not seeing my bridesmaids until February, I tried to stop thinking about it.

Of course as a wedding planning bride, it’s impossible to actually stop thinking about planning your wedding so I didn’t actually stop. I began to think that perhaps what I’m worried about is my wedding being too ‘themed’. I don’t want a ‘pink wedding’ or a ‘yellow wedding’ or any colour wedding. I just want it to look beautiful. Is that asking too much? Gah!

So, with a clear mind, I identified the issue was one of not wishing to have a block of colour. So, I started to consider neutral colours. How about neutral coloured bridesmaid dresses? Like this colour (dress from Coast):

In fact, I quite like the dress with the black ribbon – it would tie in nicely with my groomsmen’s suits!

And then I started to see dresses with patterns on them and found myself wondering whether that was my solution!? Not a block of colour, but a few different colours? I love florals but originally didn’t want a ‘fussy’ wedding so avoided the look but if the only florals are on the bridesmaid dresses, I think they could really work? I loved this dress from Pied A Terre:

Screen shot from House of Fraser but is no longer on the website so can't link!

I don’t think the colours are quite what I’m after but it got me thinking that if this kind of dress was in lighter colours, I could really go for it?? The style would certainly work although may be a bit warm for a summer wedding.

I’m thinking that I’d like my bridesmaids in high street-ish dresses but then there is the risk that a guest might wear the same dress! I guess if that happens, you say well que será será and you invite them into the photos!!!

Can you suggest a website where I could get dresses like this, not too expensive but also not too mainstream so I can lower the risk of guests looking part of the bridal party??

Thank you!




4 Responses to "Return of the Bridesmaid Dress Stress"

I was a bridesmaid for a friend during the summer and she got our dresses from Fever. Im typing this from my phone so cant link you the website but you’ll find them easy on google. They also sell in small boutiques but not en masse in the big high st stores so theres less chance of a guest having the same dress!

Oh, thanks so much!! I’ll check out their website. So helpful, thank you 🙂 x

OMG B I feel your pain! It’s rather stressful buying dresses isn’t it. I quite like your idea of having the maids in a neutral colour. Then you can add the colour with flowers, accessories and maybe even shoes? X

Yeah, that’s kind of where my head is staying at the moment but I don’t trust myself as I’m sure in a couple of weeks I’ll have a whole new idea! Eek! Xx

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