Fun times!

Posted on: January 15, 2012

We had a super fun day yesterday. We worked on our wedding website which should be sent out today as our Save The Date. It was so great sitting together designing it and putting all of our information in there. Makes the day feel so real now! There’s even a video of Mr Pig on there!

I also emailed the bridal party to find out their top 3 choices for rooms at our venue. All the rooms are lovely but different so it was so much fun getting emails saying ‘we’ll have March!’ followed by ‘no, Summer is better, swap for that one!!’.

They all said how excited they were and how they can’t wait for the big day! I was so pleased that they all chose different rooms as a first choice so everyone was happy.

It was the first experience of properly involving our guests and it was brilliant! I can’t wait for the website to go out and we start hearing from others!

It feels like its all really happening now!

Have a lovely Sunday



2 Responses to "Fun times!"

I love it when big things happen and it all starts to get exciting! I’m curious – which wedding website provider did you use?
Claire xx

Hi Claire, we had built the website ourselves on iWeb but the changes to iCloud meant that we needed to look for a new host for the website. We went to 1 and 1 which we found online, paid for it and then found that we couldn’t upload our own web pages but we had to use theirs. We have finally sorted cancelling the contract which took about 10 emails and a fair amount of strong words and now I have a friend of mine hosting it for us. It’s not up yet but will be soon we hope! xx

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