Swishing and Swooshing.

Posted on: February 11, 2012

I have had a wonderful day today. I arrived in Lichfield for 9am for my measurements to be taken for my dress. The temperature was -5 degrees and my cold still hadn’t fully left me but I warmed up as soon as I stepped into the shop. The welcome from the ladies was wonderful, it’s like we’ve been friends for years. An immediate catch up was had over a cuppa before we got down to the all important measuring (who knew you needed ‘point to point’ measurements taken!).

I didn’t realise that I had the opportunity to put on The Dress whilst I was there but they’d put aside an hour for me in case I had wanted to. I jumped at the chance, of course! Having lost 12lbs I was delighted to put the dress on and to feel more comfortable around the waist in it. I felt gorgeous. I swished and swooshed around whilst the ladies brought the veil I was considering and various headpieces for me to try on. The owner of the shop had offered me 50% off my choice of veil and I pretty much decided whilst there which veil I wanted. I can’t begin to explain the feeling of putting a veil on. You feel gorgeous in your wedding dress but adding the veil is something else. Saying you feel ‘like a bride’ is too obvious and too silly but it’s true. There’s something about it that takes you back to when you were a little girl and you ran around with a pillow case on your head pretending you were getting married.

I wasn’t ready to make a decision about the headpiece today because, although I have an idea of how I want my hair, it’s a little too early to decide so I’m going to wait a little longer. The one headpiece was absolutely stunning but it was £250! I know my dress is expensive but I just don’t feel I can justify that amount of money on a headband! Another was less expensive and just as stunning and would actually suit earrings I already own so could be a winner.

My mom came with me today and after fun with The Dress, we went for coffee and nattered for ages. We talked about plans for the wedding that other people don’t really ask about. It was all about the church and I told her about a book that I read whilst at University and there is a passage in there about love that I have always adored and I want as a reading at the wedding. I also read her a poem I have found which I’m going to ask someone to read from me to G. When I looked up from reading the poem to her, she had tears in her eyes! It was a lovely moment.

We then went hat shopping and my mom tried on all different types of hats and enjoyed being treated as the very special mother of the bride that she is.

We have our differences and our insecurities mean that we often misinterpret some things that we say to each other but today was a fabulous day. We shared our thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams about the wedding and my future with G and it was just perfect.

Nothing like a girlie day, is there?



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