An Unusual Valentine’s Day

Posted on: February 15, 2012

So, Monday night we head to bed shortly after 10pm. Around 11.30pm I’m awoken by a loud bang which makes my heart race. I sit up and notice G isn’t beside me so I call out to him but get no answer.

Immediately thinking he’s fallen down the stairs, I jump out of bed and switch on all of the lights, calling him as I do. No answer.

I then hear movement from the bathroom and head back to bed thinking how silly and dramatic I am when he’s obviously just on the loo and probably knocked something over in the bathroom, causing the big bang.

I wait a little while for him to come out and wonder why he sits on the side of the bed instead of getting back under the duvet. He then says “I don’t want to worry you but I don’t feel well”. I put the light on and he’s sat there white as a sheet, sweating and shaking and cold to the touch. Trying hard not to panic and make him worse, I put on my calmest voice and get him to sit back on the pillows and have some water. Gradually, things calm down but he is still cold but clammy and complaining of a headache. He tells me he woke up with excruciating pain in his abdomen, got up to go to the bathroom but then doesn’t remember anything until he woke up on the bathroom floor.

Good old NHS Direct didn’t call us until 6.50am the next morning, 7 hours after I put the request in. Instead of calling them back, we headed to the GP for the earliest emergency appointment we could get only to be referred immediately to Accident & Emergency to see a neurologist.

A few hours and an ECG, blood test and urine test later, we are sent away with medication for a water infection! All that drama for a water infection! All I can say is THANK GOD!

I don’t even want to put into words what went through my mind over the 16 hours I was with him not knowing what had happened. I stayed awake whilst he slept to make sure he was ok after the fright we had both had and prayed that he would be ok. I think working with bereavement, as I do, gives you a real fear of mortality and having lost very special people in my life, I did fear the worst, however silly that was.

So, as dramatic as it sounds, I had the best Valentine’s Day present ever – knowing my man was ok.

Happy Valentine’s Day for yesterday. Hope your day was significantly less dramatic than mine!



2 Responses to "An Unusual Valentine’s Day"

Oh my gosh, what a terrible fright. Well done you for keeping it together; I would probably have needed a sedative under similar circumstances! Hope your chap is on the mend now.

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