The perfect hen weekend

Posted on: June 30, 2012

I was worried about my hen party but I should never have doubted my friends. They planned and executed the perfect weekend.

It began by 11 girls arriving at my house on the Friday night, each carrying a sleeping bag so I didn’t have to wash lots of bedding after they’d left and, most importantly, carrying wine. We ordered the biggest order of Chinese Take-Away that I’d ever seen and chatted and chatted and chatted. Half way through the meal, one of my friends stood up and announced that she was thrilled to welcome Prince Charming. Everyone smiled, I panicked. Cue Prince Charming walking into my lounge carrying roses (and the sweet and sour sauce missed from our earlier order and delivered to Prince Charming by a confused delivery guy) and I immediately said “please don’t take your clothes off!”. He promised he wouldn’t and when everyone else stopped laughing, he began to sing “I know you” from Sleeping Beauty. Lucky me (and lucky him), I had spotted my friend’s sister and also how nervous this guy looked and realised it was just a poor lad being called upon for a favour so I told him he didn’t have to sing and gave him a beer. He looked so relieved, posed for photos and sat with us until the conversation turned uncomfortably girlie and departed.

Me and the girls chatted into the night and caught up on old times like we had never been apart. Just as good friends do.

The next morning, my very domesticated and pregnant bridesmaid showed herself for the maternal, domestic goddess that she is and made everyone a cooked breakfast. We giggled about “boobs over breakfast” as she hadn’t realised how ample her chest had become and ended up using a clothes peg to pin her top together as she cooked.

Some girls had to leave so we said our goodbyes and those that remained were piled into cars and we all headed off to paint pottery. It was lovely to have us all together but the service at the pottery cafe left a lot to be desired and I looked up at one point to see everyone looking frantic, painting their items knowing we didn’t have much time and we would probably be thrown out!

After pottery painting, we returned home and all prepared a wonderful afternoon tea whilst singing along to Dirty Dancing. We ate lovely food and drank a lot of Pimms whilst more girls arrived.

That evening, we merrily got our best dresses on and headed to a very fancy hotel in Birmingham City Centre to a private dining room where we had a gorgeous two course meal followed by cupcakes made by one of my bridesmaids and decorated with a heart shaped photo of me and my betrothed. I was treated to a ‘Mr & Mrs Quiz’ and asked to wear a tiara.

Following the decadent private dining experience (with champagne and our own waiter) we went to a Gin Parlour and enjoyed gin cocktails before some ladies headed home and a few of us went dancing into the early hours.

After a hangover busting brunch the next day, all of the ladies left and it was quiet in the house. I was left with a beautiful ‘And they lived happily ever after’ sign and a promise that all of the photos would be put together in an album with messages from all of my girls.

My puppy was returned to me that afternoon by my Dad and me and the pooch spent the afternoon sleeping off a wonderful weekend.

Just perfect.



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