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Those who have seen my earlier post know that we received a letter from our reception venue in January letting us know that they were ‘enhancing’ the hotel. They were adding 30 new rooms and redesigning the lobby and other parts of the hotel. We should rest assured that the building work would be completed before our big day in August and that our wedding would not be affected.

We went to see the hotel today and I have pretty much wanted to cry ever since. I am hugely disappointed. I know things could be worse. After the fright we had on Tuesday, having changes made to our wedding venue pales in comparison to what could have been. We have our health and we are getting married. Retaining perspective is essential but it doesn’t stop it making me feel really sad!

We decided on the venue when we stood to the side of the hotel and looked over the lovely big lawns and woodland in the distance. We loved the hotel. It had traditional features but was decorated with a modern finish. With just 17 bedrooms, it was perfectly intimate. Our biggest love though was the outdoor space and the feeling that it would be only us there. Being off the beaten track a bit, no one would just walk past or anything like that so it would just be our guests. The outdoor space was our favourite feature, standing on the lawns and feeling like there was nothing around us. We even made a feature of it on our Save the Date website – our main picture is of the lawns with the hotel in the background. Just what we wanted.

Now the new building which houses the 30 new bedrooms runs alongside the lawns where we first stood and made our decision. The traditional lobby area will be replaced by a large, all glass entrance and the back of the hotel no longer looks as beautiful as there will be a curved glass fronted restaurant area which looks out onto the lawns. To retain privacy for the wedding party, they have planted conifers down the centre of the lawn, halving the amount of space we have. When you look out of the marquee, instead of there being a lovely, open, wide view of the lawns, there is now a new pathway, trees, and other shrubs and bushes all over the lawns where they’ve made it look more manicured. There’s also a big circle ready for some kind of fountain/statue straight outside the marquee. Everything feels cluttered and overlooked by the new bedrooms.

No more lawn games, no more exclusivity, no more photos with a beautiful old house in the background.

After explaining how disappointed we were that they would wait until now to tell us about these changes (and subtly dropping into the conversation that I am a lawyer!) we were told that we still had a choice. We do not have to make the next payment, which is 50%, to give us more time to consider things. If we feel that the venue is no longer for us, we will have the deposit refunded and they would even try to help us find an alternative venue. They apologised for the way they handled things.

Credit where credit is due, they handled the meeting today well. We have the freedom to make a choice without losing our deposit. However, with 6 months to go, are we really going to be able to find an alternative venue?

We don’t  know what to do at the moment but I know we will make the best of whatever happens. I think I am going to look for alternative venues just in case something wonderful turns up. Otherwise, we’ll have to stay with this venue. I’m going to try to be positive about it but it’s just heartbreaking that they’ve changed the very things we fell in love with. Damn them.



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