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Well, blog posts from me are rare these days but my betrothed and I have plans for a new blog to work on together after the wedding. It’s just too busy beforehand but we are looking forward to it afterwards when we have more time. He will share his photography and I will continue to ramble on about things I find interesting whenever I can. This blog has been wonderful in order to increase my confidence with writing and I will be sad to put it to bed but thankful to be able to share the new blog – I don’t think I’ll hide behind an anonymous title anymore. That’s a big step!

In terms of wedding planning, there is a lot to update upon! We have 39 days to go (and only 26 office days for me!) and we are almost there. The waters seem calm at the moment…

One major change has happened and that’s my number of bridesmaids reducing from 4 to 3. My lovely pregnant bridesmaid has sadly had some complications and is on bed rest from now (26 weeks) and will either be unable to get out of bed or will be with a premature baby who will have to stay in hospital until full term. So, after discussions with her and her husband, we all decided the pressure would be off for her to simply say that she wouldn’t be a bridesmaid. Otherwise, knowing her kindness, she will spend her time thinking of different ways to be there. All I want for her is a healthy baby and a healthy stress free mummy. She needs to do what is best and I support her all the way.

Everything else has progressed with little stress apart from my brother failing to show up for a dress fitting but that’s a different story and he assures me he’ll sort it out. If I report that we had no ushers at our wedding, you’ll know what happened!!

My two biggest planning jobs for this week are to find underwear and shoes. I have my first dress fitting on 1st August and I have little time left for this shopping trip! I haven’t been able to find shoes I’ve liked yet so I think the time is right to try local Rachel Simpson and her fabulous shoes.

Wish me luck!



So, there are just 112 days to go until our wedding and I’ve just spent a couple of hours getting on top of our wedding budget. We had set one out a while ago and we’ve been saving hard and spending bit by bit but I hadn’t actually sat down and set it all out in an all singing, all dancing spreadsheet. I have to do accounts as part of my job so I’ve been putting the wedding spreadsheet off for ages! It’s the last thing I want to do after a day at work!!

I feel quite satisfied that the spreadsheet worked out and didn’t result in any scary surprises. We seem to be on target with bringing the money in but we have overspent on some things and I fear that we have under budgeted on other things. I’m not sure whether we will get cars and a band for the budget we have set, but hey, that’s part of the fun!

We have met some fabulous suppliers and deposits have been paid to secure them for our big day. Don’t underestimate how helpful they can be! If it wasn’t for the wonderful ladies of Ava Event Styling, I probably wouldn’t have a clue about how the day would actually look! Now, I can stop stressing about colours, table decorations, flowers and cakes as I know it is all in good hands and I am so excited to see what they come up with!

I was nearly there with the bridesmaid dresses and about to make the purchase when my best bud announced she was pregnant! Obviously, I’m thrilled, but it has made me reconsider the dress purchase. She will be 7 months pregnant on the wedding day so I need to wait a little while longer to see how big she will be! So, the decision on the dresses is still to be made…!

So, thankfully all is on track with very little stress, well….apart from the venue issue. But that’s for another post!!!


Now there’s a title I didn’t think I’d be able to use!

So, this weekend has been the weekend that I was finally able to get all four bridesmaids together. It’s been lovely and an experience getting my two friends together with G’s two sisters and seeing how they get on. Thankfully, all went well and they were patient and supportive and excited about all of the plans. Just what you need from bridesmaids. It’s been difficult to get that feeling with them all being away, very busy and unable to reply to emails so it was a relief when I had them here and they seemed to enjoy themselves!

So, I got excited last week when I saw the Rock n Roll Bride post about Girls of Elegance bridesmaid dresses here. So, I jumped onto the Girls of Elegance website and spotted these dresses. I got really excited. Not only were they really pretty, they were affordable, fun and a little different to the norm. I thought perhaps that the yellow, 50s style dress would look really quirky and cute for the wedding and G agreed. So I impulsively ordered four of them – mainly because they had a great returns policy so it didn’t feel too risky – and I ordered the yellow!

It’s so cute, I really do love it…

Image from Girls of Elegance Website

And it just looks like a dress that would make you smile whilst you were wearing it….

Image from Girls of Elegance Website

When the dresses arrived before the bridesmaids did, I tried on one of the dresses and loved it! Such a fun dress, the petticoat makes you feel so girly and I swooshed around the place until G got home. He loved it too but both of us wondered if it was just a bit too bright for the wedding. When the bridesmaids arrived and saw the dresses they all had lots of fun getting into the dresses and swooshing about. Sadly, having four ladies in the same bright colour was just too much! It was such a block of bright colour that I decided that it wasn’t going to work. So I’ll be sending all of the dresses back (I had begun convincing G that I should keep one for myself but it may not work out) and will be so sad to do so. I would recommend the dresses highly – they were a bargain yet were really good quality, a lovely fit and the petticoats were gorgeous. If you’re thinking of buying one of these dresses for yourself, don’t hesitate – buy one, and get swooshing!

So, all of the yellow dress fun happened on Friday night and on Saturday, we went to our appointment at 11am at a Bridal Shop nearby. It was recommended to me but by someone who promotes businesses in the area as opposed to a bride who had used the shop. They had a great collection of bridesmaid dresses, at least 150 different dresses in loads of different colours but they all seemed to be £150 upwards and many were £200 plus. When we got there, we weren’t welcomed particularly enthusiastically and were sent upstairs where we could start looking at the dresses. Another bridal party were up there and I felt a bit rude muscling in with my four ladies. We waited for around 10 minutes just mooching at dresses and sadly realising that  a Dessy dress I’d had my eye on was out of budget before someone came over with a ‘can I help you?’. Errrr yes please, I have an appointment!

I said I was easy on style and colour and we were told to just pick lots of dresses and start trying on. The lady helping asked me where I got my dress from before asking what it was like and when I showed her a picture, she just said it was very elegant. Obviously a nice comment but I had thought she would then help me decide what sort of dress would suit my dress but she just stood by whilst I said yes or no to the various dresses. At the end, the only dress I liked for all four girls was £170 so way out of budget. She just wrote the details on the card and gave it to me and we left. Whilst leaving, we had to all walk past this poor bride who was trying on dresses and we had to squeeze past her to get to the door. When I went to shop for my dress, I was the only person in the shop. The second time I went, there was another bride with the seamstress but they asked my permission before she walked through to leave!!! The difference in treatment is amazing and I really would advise any bride to get recommendations as you should be made to feel special, not just another bride.

Anyway, we then went to Selfridges and descended on the Coast concession. We were looking for this dress as we knew the skirt would suit all four ladies after the fitting that morning:

But in the end, I fell in love with this colour and they all looked stunning in it:

Image from Coast website

The lady from Coast was wonderful. It was a busy Saturday afternoon and they had a queue but there was no grumbling over us taking up four changing rooms or taking our time or anything! She really helped us.

So, the only issue is it’s £45 over budget. Now, whilst that’s ok with one bridesmaid, it works out as £180 over budget before we’ve even though about shoes etc. So, G and I are back to the wedding budget spreadsheet to consider the figures. I’m going to look around online today for a similar colour/style dress with maybe a little less cost. Any ideas?

So, my colour looks like it’s sage green? The colour is actually softer and paler than the picture shows – more of a pastel green. So pleased I can start planning the details now!


Agh. That’s all I’ll say. Agh.

Actually, I have a bit more to say about this….


I began this whole wedding planning process thinking that it was great that I wasn’t being too bridezilla about all of the details. I’m starting to think that being this indecisive is not something to be pleased with! I’m pretty sure it’s doing my bridesmaids’ heads in but they’re being dutiful and smiling through it. I must email them every couple of weeks with a new colour or dress idea and each time they politely say ‘I think that would be beautiful’.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I had wanted yellow but didn’t think it would work and had a back up colour of green – a bit Tiffany green but not quite. Well since then, I’ve changed my mind quite strongly and now do not want that particular green. Lovely people have encouraged me to try the yellow but as soon as I’ve shown any doubt, they have said that it is a difficult colour to manage and so have put me off it bit by bit.

I was recently given the inspiration of grey dresses with yellow flowers. At first I thought this was a lovely idea but now I’m not sure. It’s a bit too dark. Not summery enough in my mind and I think grey attracts a particular kind of yellow which is bold and strong and the yellow I want is lighter, softer and I guess a bit more of a pastel yellow. Will that work with grey? I guess it could work with a light grey but still, I’m not sure.

Then onto the dresses themselves – my bridesmaids are all different shapes and I think they would suit different dresses. I’m not against this completely but I think I’d prefer them to be the same, but only if they look and feel nice. Also, I don’t think I want them in proper ‘bridesmaid’ dresses but instead in dresses they can wear again so summery, evening dresses perhaps. All the dresses I find on the usual high street websites are ridiculously short. I can’t really afford to go down the beautiful Two Birds route because I have four bridesmaids and so can’t spend that much. I need to keep them under £100 each really. Plus it’s the wrong time of year for searching for a summery dress but I start to panic thinking that I have to leave it until next summer and I’d rather be a bit clearer on details in my mind now!

I’ve seen a few blogs showing bridesmaids dresses which are floral with different colours. That could be an idea. Or maybe white/ivory with yellow detail? I’m not confident enough to go for black dresses as it’s an August wedding and I see it more summery than that. I also don’t want pink although I do like that antique purple colour but that’s been done A LOT.

This is going to take some time to figure out. My inner bridezilla is coming out….

Rainbow dresses perhaps?




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