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So, there are just 112 days to go until our wedding and I’ve just spent a couple of hours getting on top of our wedding budget. We had set one out a while ago and we’ve been saving hard and spending bit by bit but I hadn’t actually sat down and set it all out in an all singing, all dancing spreadsheet. I have to do accounts as part of my job so I’ve been putting the wedding spreadsheet off for ages! It’s the last thing I want to do after a day at work!!

I feel quite satisfied that the spreadsheet worked out and didn’t result in any scary surprises. We seem to be on target with bringing the money in but we have overspent on some things and I fear that we have under budgeted on other things. I’m not sure whether we will get cars and a band for the budget we have set, but hey, that’s part of the fun!

We have met some fabulous suppliers and deposits have been paid to secure them for our big day. Don’t underestimate how helpful they can be! If it wasn’t for the wonderful ladies of Ava Event Styling, I probably wouldn’t have a clue about how the day would actually look! Now, I can stop stressing about colours, table decorations, flowers and cakes as I know it is all in good hands and I am so excited to see what they come up with!

I was nearly there with the bridesmaid dresses and about to make the purchase when my best bud announced she was pregnant! Obviously, I’m thrilled, but it has made me reconsider the dress purchase. She will be 7 months pregnant on the wedding day so I need to wait a little while longer to see how big she will be! So, the decision on the dresses is still to be made…!

So, thankfully all is on track with very little stress, well….apart from the venue issue. But that’s for another post!!!



So, it’s 7 and a half months until the big day – gulp – and there is still a lot to do! (haha every time I write ‘a lot’, I think about this post – have you seen it? It’s GENIUS)

Anyway… so, all of the big decisions are made and I talked about them here. But the details are killing me!

We know from various posts (that I won’t bore you with again) that the bridesmaid dresses are still undecided. With 7 and a half months to go, I still have time to find dresses but the colour needs deciding soon. EVERYTHING revolves around the colour – the flowers, the stationery, my shoes, the groomsmens’ ties, the Mother of the Bride outfit, the decorations and the cake. What’s most annoying is that I’m taking so long to decide. The colour is NOT. THAT. IMPORTANT. I really don’t mind what I have! Well, I know what I don’t want – I don’t want bold colours or dark colours. But I don’t know what I do want or whether I can afford what I eventually decide that I want!

My weekend with the bridesmaids is coming up and I’m sure we’ll make some progress then. That relaxes me about the colour issue but then the dreaded style of dress issue pops into my head. Should they be the same fabric as my dress? The same neckline? Is there a rule about all of this? I know, I know, it’s ‘my day’ so I can do what I want but anyone who knows me, knows I’m a rules and details kinda gal and I want it to look good.

Even bigger than this though we have received a letter from our wedding venue to say that they have had planning permission for building work to ‘improve’ the hotel. Problem is, they’re adding 30 extra rooms! I’ve been telling people we’re getting married in a gorgeous boutique hotel with only 17 rooms (or however many there are at the moment) and now they’re throwing 30 more on?? I’m quite disappointed. I’ve asked them to confirm the impact on our day – are we expected to fill the rooms? If not, do they plan to allow non-wedding guests to stay? I thought we had exclusive use of the hotel and now the after-hours bar and breakfast might be shared with non-wedding guests! I’m waiting for their reply but I’ll certainly have something to say if that’s going to happen. I really don’t want this issue in my wedding planning!! They say the building work will be completed by March but finishing 30 rooms in 2 months? I doubt it.

Other brides will sympathise with me I’m sure when I say that I’m living and breathing this wedding at the moment! Not in an overly stressy way. I’m not putting too much onto the day, it’s just that I’m excited to get planning the finer details and everything has to wait until the bridesmaid weekend. It’s tough isn’t it because a lot of what we plan comes from the style of the dress but you can’t tell anyone about the dress so you can’t share the planning with people and ask for help! It sort of makes it tricky even talking about it to the Groom!

G and I have a rare weekend off together and we do plan to do a bit of wedding organising. We’re going to look at the budget today and then just make some plans for when we’re going to do stuff. Our priority is to get the Save the Date website out so we actually have some guests!

I just want to mention and thank Wedding Sparrow who so kindly helped me with ideas for bridesmaid dresses through Twitter yesterday. I just jumped to her website to link to it on here and spotted her Blush Bridesmaids and Wedding Styling post – I think she may have written that for me – it’s GORGEOUS! *inspired!*

Having woken up this morning thinking about the first dance, I feel so excited. It was a gorgeous feeling. I’m focusing on that and not worrying too much about venues, dresses and colours!! Whatever happens, it’ll be fantastic.

Here’s to a fabulous weekend.

Much love


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