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Hi there!

Gosh, it’s been ages. We got married on 31st August last year and I had fully intended to begin blogging again after the wedding on a new and improved site! I also planned to ditch the anonymity, which I kind of have. We do have a new blog lined up and it’s one for me & Mr M to work on but I think that might be on hold for a little while.

I recently dipped my toe into the wedding planning pool again with my best friend and realised how much I missed writing blogs & joining in with conversations in the Twitter-sphere. Some of my online wedding pals know that I have my Twitter account for all things wedding (@Mrs_Martin_) and I also have my other account which I use for work & my non-wedding stuff. If anyone wants to follow me there, let me know, I’m there more often than here! I don’t want to declare my Twitter name on here really but if you want it, you can have it. Send me a tweet.

Anyway, I visited the Designer Vintage Bridal show on Sunday and loved it. I’ve missed the glamour, creativity and sheer friendliness of everyone I met in the wedding industry. So, I promise to be back here more often now that I’m a wife and my life has settled down a little. Look out for our wedding being blogged by The Wedding Reporter soon and I’ll write a post about our wedding and all of the excitement that came with it! I can’t wait to share it with you.

Let me have all of your news, I’ve missed my blogging pals!

Mrs M xx


Hello! Long time no see. I haven’t had a moment to get on here to write since my last post and i’ve really missed blogging!

I had thought about writing a post about the death of Steve Jobs at just 56 because he’s had quite an impact on our lives. Not just for his fabulous technology which G and I love so much but also for all he stood for and encouraged: whatever you do, make it great and always strive to be the best version of yourself. I decided not to say too much about it but I would encourage everyone to watch his Stanford speech. My favourite quote from the speech is “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Something to think about!

This weekend I have had some great family time with my in-laws-to-be. A few too many alcoholic beverages yesterday but lots of great banter, giggles and chats left me feeling loved and content with the world. What more could I ask for to finish off such a lovely weekend? Well, the Designer Vintage Bridal Show of course!!

I had entered a competition on twitter for tickets and won! The show was fabulous and I met some lovely people.

I was too shy to introduce myself as a blogging-bride and so I just attended as a bride, with my mom in tow. Mom doesn’t know about this blog yet, no-one apart from G does. I just need to keep this to myself for the time being (see My First Post if you’re wondering why). Actually, one other person does know about me and this blog and that’s because I’ve asked her to write about our wedding! I was so pleased to meet the lovely Emma Woodhouse aka The Wedding Reporter today and to congratulate her in person on her brave step into freelance writing! She was kind enough to keep my secret – thank you, Em.

So, I feel I’ve rambled too much so I’ll stop here. If you check back tomorrow, I will have hopefully written more about my experience today. I’ve been fully encouraged to try to achieve my dream of a bright, sunny, happy YELLOW wedding!!

Thank you for all of your lovely comments so far, you’ve all been so welcoming.

Much love


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