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So, I’m married! I am no longer Nearly Mrs Martin, I am Mrs Martin! Well, in real life I’m not as there was no time to change my passport so I have travelled on my honeymoon under my maiden name! Still, I am Mrs Martin by heart.

We are on our honeymoon in Thailand right now. We have spent a week in Bangkok and we are now spending our four nights on Koh Pangan before travelling to Ko Samui for our final three nights. My husband (I love saying that!) organised our honeymoon and boy, did he do good!! We are going to write up our travel diary with amazing photos taken by Mr M and they will be the first posts on our new blog. So, watch this space!

I looked over my blog with a small amount of sadness – sadness that I didn’t have time to post as regularly as I would have liked in the lead up to The Big Day and sadness that the wedding planning is over! I will do a little write up of the wedding day from my angle and look forward to the day I receive my wonderful wedding report from Emma. It was an honour to have Emma and Frankie at our wedding, documenting the details. In all honesty, I am in awe of the whole team of wonderful “suppliers” around me on the day itself and in the build up. I couldn’t have had such a perfect day without them.

We are currently sitting on our covered decking watching the heavy rain come down into our pool whilst the temperature remains as high as before and we have been talking about our wedding. It spurred me on to read over my blog and to post a little short something to say that I’m still here and planning to keep on blogging as a married lady. I’ve so enjoyed my time with the wedding and blogging community, I can’t give it all up now!

See you soon.

Mrs M x


With all of this wedding and honeymoon planning, I knew I was to expect to feel excited, happy, positive, hopeful and every other wonderful feeling that comes with planning such an important day. What I didn’t expect was that it also comes with a fair amount of anxiety and stress! It’s not to say that the bad outweighs the good, oh no! It’s just that you have to learn that the bad stuff will come along and you have to see past it and embrace the loveliness again.

From day one, people have opinions about your wedding. You would expect the largest opinions to come from the mothers of the bride and groom and that is the case, but everyone else has an opinion too! Now, not that I mind (oh, you do mind, I hear you say, otherwise it wouldn’t have made its way onto your blog!), but just the other day, someone heard just a bit of a conversation I was having about the wedding. I was discussing bridesmaid dresses and the difficulty with picking yellow when someone who knew one of my bridesmaids piped up with ‘oh she won’t appreciate being made to wear that colour!’. Now, personally, I’m not offended by that – not least because I’ve been given fabulous inspiration to change the colour of the dresses and just have the yellow in the flowers and decorations – but it was more that I wondered why that person hadn’t thought about what they were saying before they said it. What if I had chosen yellow? Set my heart on it? Found the dresses? What then? Well then you’ve just poo-pooed my wedding plans!

Another person told me I couldn’t have yellow roses as it meant I ‘love another’. This was immediately after I’d said that the only detail I had decided on was to have yellow roses. My decision was made! As if I love another when I’m marrying THE ONE that very day. That very same day that I’m holding the yellow roses!

There are opinions on the guest list – I bet this is one of the biggest issues for most couples! Are you inviting this person and that person and your old aunty who you haven’t seen for 20 years? What’s worse is when you speak to someone who tells you about their outfit for your wedding when you haven’t even invited them yet! At the moment, we haven’t told anyone who is invited and who isn’t! We know it’s going to be controversial so we’re waiting as long as possible to break the news!

What I’ve learnt? You can’t do right for doing wrong.

What I’ve also learnt? Talk to each other. Take a breath when you hear what people say, then turn to the person you’re going to marry and say ‘this was said to me today’ and hear what he/she has to say. Today, G said to me ‘babe, it’s you and me against the world. It’s our wedding and we are doing the right thing because we decided to do it’.

That’s all I need to keep thinking. It’s me and him against the world. And we’re strong enough to handle everyone’s opinions!


Yesterday I posted about my surprise honeymoon. If you read that post, you will know that G and his Dad went to the Travel Agents yesterday to book our honeymoon. G had wanted to keep as much of it as a surprise for me as possible and had enlisted his Dad to help.

Bless him, he was so excited when he got home! He had already called me to tell me that it was going to be “in and around Thailand” and had told me that there would be six flights in the sixteen days we are away! Very mysterious! He also told me that he could tell me no more about it.

When he got home, he then showed me a map of Thailand and said he would just tell me the exact places we were going….

wait for it…

Bangkok then Koh Pangan and then Koh Samui!!!!

I could not, and still can not, believe it! He showed me on a map and the two islands are tiny!! I’m so excited!!

This was more than enough for me! I was giddy just thinking about it!! He left me alone for about five minutes looking at the brochure and seeing all the different hotels that we might be staying in and then decided I’d be more excited if I knew which hotels we are staying at (I think my excitement goes without saying but telling me was obviously adding to his excitement!) and so he told me!

He tells me that I’m not to know what type of room we are staying in or which excursions we’ll be going on but at the moment I’m doubting his ability to keep this a secret until next September!!

I really can’t believe how lucky I am. Seriously, I’m having to pinch myself. I cannot believe this wedding process from start to finish. I will not take any of this for granted and will try to remember every precious moment of this part of my life from being proposed to, to coming home from honeymoon and embarking on married life. I’m sure I’m actually dreaming….

Love you G.



G is with his Dad today and they have both gone to a Travel Agent to discuss our honeymoon. I wasn’t invited as they would like to keep it as a surprise! They’re both avid travellers and will no doubt come up with more fantastic ideas for our honeymoon than I ever would so I’m happy(ish) that they should go ahead. However, the only condition I lay down was that I wanted to know which country we were going to! I’d like to know the part of the world so I can plan for the weather and also so that I can look forward to going there! I think surprises can sometimes take the fun out of the build up so I’ve tried to get them to agree to tell me a bit about the plans!

When they first told me it was going to be a surprise, I had a bit of a freak out. No fair! How can I be excited if I don’t know? *wail* Then I had a word with my bridezilla-self and realised that this is as much for them as it is for me. They’re such cuties when it comes to surprises, both of them. It doesn’t matter how much me and my mother-in-law-to-be let them know that we freak out at surprises, they still love surprising us! Funny hey – turns out I’m quite like my MIL – it’s a good job she’s one of the good ones! 😉

So, I’m letting him decide where we’re going, what we’ll be doing and where we’ll be staying! I am to be told which country and nothing else! This is like one of those Don’t Tell The Bride programmes…..but I am strangely calm about it. He’s a good egg and I just know it’ll be wonderful. I’ll be newly married and with my husband; so add some sunshine, a hotel and some cocktails and I’ll be a happy wife!

Oooh who is this calm bride-to-be? She doesn’t sound much like me…. heehee


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