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I’ve just had beans on toast with a little topping of grated cheese (the best quick meal, ever!) and now I’m chilling out a bit before heading to my yoga class. I signed up for a 12 week course of yoga and I am in week 4 and loving it. I’m a very lazy person and I have hated exercise since I was a child. I think it was for a number of reasons – laziness mostly – but also because I hated getting changed in front of people. I have horrible skin on my legs and so the idea of showing them off in tiny shorts and a netball skirt was horrifying to me. Add that to the nastiness of some little girls and I definitely didn’t want to get my legs out! One girl once exclaimed loudly “urgh, look at your legs! If I had legs like that, I wouldn’t be seen DEAD in shorts!”. Nice. Anyway, I am blessed not to have bad skin on my face and neck and so the way I see it is, I don’t have to show my legs ever so I’m luckier than a lot of people!

Anyway, I digress. I’m loving yoga as it is self-disciplined. I can push myself as hard as I want to and if I fail in a posture, I only fail myself, no one else. It’s not competitive and it’s so difficult that you are actually forced to think of nothing other than your breathing and the ridiculous position you have twisted your body into! So I find it really does help me to relax and I notice a difference in my muscle tone which is always a plus especially when you want to be drop dead gorgeous on your wedding day!

Crazily, I’m signing up for a 8.5 mile run in June too. I’ll be running it with my Father-in-Law to be. We ran the half marathon together in October – he ran, I walked most of it – and I promised him that I’d be able to run the whole 8 miles. For my training for the half marathon, I managed to train to about 4.5 miles and on the day, I probably ran 6 of the 13 miles without stopping and then fell into an entertaining and quite painful walk-run-run-walk system. Ouch. So, I really should get out there and start training again……perhaps when the weather improves!

So, all this exercise is going to mean I’m going to be super fit by my wedding day, right?? Unlikely but it’s something to motivate me!



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