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Well, blog posts from me are rare these days but my betrothed and I have plans for a new blog to work on together after the wedding. It’s just too busy beforehand but we are looking forward to it afterwards when we have more time. He will share his photography and I will continue to ramble on about things I find interesting whenever I can. This blog has been wonderful in order to increase my confidence with writing and I will be sad to put it to bed but thankful to be able to share the new blog – I don’t think I’ll hide behind an anonymous title anymore. That’s a big step!

In terms of wedding planning, there is a lot to update upon! We have 39 days to go (and only 26 office days for me!) and we are almost there. The waters seem calm at the moment…

One major change has happened and that’s my number of bridesmaids reducing from 4 to 3. My lovely pregnant bridesmaid has sadly had some complications and is on bed rest from now (26 weeks) and will either be unable to get out of bed or will be with a premature baby who will have to stay in hospital until full term. So, after discussions with her and her husband, we all decided the pressure would be off for her to simply say that she wouldn’t be a bridesmaid. Otherwise, knowing her kindness, she will spend her time thinking of different ways to be there. All I want for her is a healthy baby and a healthy stress free mummy. She needs to do what is best and I support her all the way.

Everything else has progressed with little stress apart from my brother failing to show up for a dress fitting but that’s a different story and he assures me he’ll sort it out. If I report that we had no ushers at our wedding, you’ll know what happened!!

My two biggest planning jobs for this week are to find underwear and shoes. I have my first dress fitting on 1st August and I have little time left for this shopping trip! I haven’t been able to find shoes I’ve liked yet so I think the time is right to try local Rachel Simpson and her fabulous shoes.

Wish me luck!



Firstly, thanks to everyone who stopped by to read my last post  about the fabulous DVB Show, I had a record-breaking day for my little blog and also ended up with a number of lovely new followers on twitter! So, it’s a big thank you to the guys at DVB Show for kindly posting a copy of my blog to Facebook.

But now, I *need* your help!

The wedding planning is going really well and I’m loving every minute of it so far. It’s calm, organised and simply exciting! I have idea after idea for wonderful things for the big day…


…I don’t have wonderful ideas of how to incorporate my betrothed’s personality into the day! Now, I could be a complete bridezilla and take over the day but it’s not really how I want to do things. He’s happy that I pick colours, flowers, dresses etc etc so it’s not really that kind of thing. I’d like to bring something quirky and cute in for him and that’s where YOU come in! Please, please let me have some ideas!

He loves music. He’s a proper Indie boy, all about guitar bands. He loves Charlatans and Elbow and Bluetones. He loves his Adidas trainers and wearing jeans and cool tshirts. He loves Apple and all of their products. He loves cheesecake. He loves photography.  I’m a geeky nerd and he’s cool.

At the moment, I can only think of something musical. Perhaps vinyl records as the table numbers or music quotes on the invitations??? Tables named after bands? Or their albums?

My theme at the moment is an edge of 50s glamour, elegance, pretty but simple. Do you have any ideas you could share?


Thank you 🙂


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